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        TOP > SAFETY ACTIVITIES > Activities Against Drunk-driving

        Activities Against Drunk-driving

        Nissan is commited to raising public awareness and educate drivers to the dangers of drinking and driving. Through educational activities such as the Hello Safety Campaign, and by displaying message alerts on car navigation displays, Nissan seeks to help prevent drunk-driving. Nissan will continue to engage actively in developing a wide range of technologies to improve road safety through the prevention of drunk-driving.

        The trend of Drunk-driving Accidents

        Although the number of fatal accidents caused by drunk-driving is decreasing, the level remains high.

        Concept Behind the Countermeasures

        • Develop a wide range of technologies to help prevent drunk-driving.
        • Actively apply technologies to remind and warn.
        • Promote application of intervention technology such as forced outage, in collaboration with the Japanese Government and the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.


        Drunk-driving Prevention Concept Car

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