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        Quality Initiatives

        TOP > QUALITY INITIATIVES > Directing improvements in quality from the customer's perspective

        Directing improvements in quality from the customer's perspective

        The voice of the market creates the quality of tomorrow
        Raising awareness about improvements in quality through events, customer feedback and training

        The Nissan Quality Forum: Raising awareness about quality among our staff and suppliers

        Started in 2003, the Nissan Quality Forum is an annual event for staff and suppliers that uses display panels and exhibits of components and vehicles to introduce our latest quality initiatives. The forum took place at the Nissan Technical Center in Kanagawa Prefecture. Organized by various division including design, development, manufacturing and TCSX (Total Customer Satisfaction Function). The activities and exhibits presented upgrades in product quality and perceived quality. Over the four days the forum was held, around eight thousand suppliers from some two hundred companies visited. Nissan conducts similar quality-related events in key markets around the world to encourage local staff and suppliers to work cooperatively on initiatives to boost quality.

        CS Mind Training: Training staff to think like customers

        What we call CS (customer satisfaction) Mind Training strives to teach Nissan staff to consider things from the client's perspective. We want them to evaluate their own roles and come up with ways to improve what they do. New hires at Nissan, employees in their third year on the job and newly appointed managers all go through this training, which covers company-wide quality guidelines and activities and incorporates examples of actual customer comments. Encounter groups explore big questions such as "What can we do on behalf of customers?" and "What should we do in this situation?" to instill a greater awareness of quality improvement in every staff member. We are expanding this training to other key markets around the world.

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