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        Inclusive Workstyle

        The company has continued its dedicated effort for instilling the corporate value of Diversity and Inclusion in all the employees through various communication channels. The aim is to create a productive and comfortable workplace where people mutually accept and value differences.

        Internal Communication Website: ‘Diversity Site?Japan)

        We have opened ‘Diversity Site?on the intranet. It’s a dedicated webpage for internal Diversity and Inclusion activities. And the same content is being shared by email magazines issued regularly to spread the value of diversity and inclusion internally.

        Hosting trainings and events

        We have prepared a range of trainings for new grads, managers, including e-learning courses to all the employees, other than awareness-raising events. Also there are mandatory trainings for those who have joined Nissan in the middle of their career.

        LGBT Support

        To ensure a workplace where all the employees are free from the fear of being prejudiced due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, we have offered LGBT seminars and e-learning courses that covers basic knowledge on LGBT. Especially to ensure proper talent management by superiors, LGBT training is provided as a mandatory course for the Nissan management. Every year since 2017, Nissan has participated in ‘Tokyo Rainbow Pride? currently the biggest LGBT event in Japan. Combined with other effort, Nissan won Gold award, the highest honor in PRIDE index rating for LGBT supporting efforts made by entities, for the first time in the Japanese car industry in 2017.

        *In 2017 and 2018, we set up a booth for display with UK Embassy.

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