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        Female Talent Development

        Empowering women, particularly in management positions, is essential to providing diverse values to customers. In order to increase females at all the management levels, Nissan helps excellent managerial candidates prepare themselves in skills and mindset to take on greater responsibility through trainings and others in every Nissan business sites.

        Talent-development trainings and networking events targeting women have been developed besides mentoring programs and roundtable sessions. Also there are support activities focusing on young female engineers and female operators on the production floors.

        Interviews with Career Advisers /Career Development Conferences (Japan)

        Interviews with Career Advisers

        Now we have in-house career advisers for the female employees: the subjects are not limited to their current assignments or future career plans but also their concerns over work-life balance is included: the advisors take into account all the aspects of life and work of each female talent and provides career development support suited to each individual.

        We also hold career development conferences where the superiors of female talents, HR and career advisers gather together and discuss the career of each female employee, build a matched development plans to respective individuals and provide them with ad-hoc support.

        Trainings to support female talent development

        We also provide the young females who are managerial candidates with trainings by job levels, other than mentoring programs and roundtable sessions. These programs are intended to nurture their career aspiration and self-growth through trainings on management and leadership. We also provide our future executive candidates with external trainings, executive workshops, and other global development programs.

        We also pay attention to the females who are already in the management positions and provide them with mentoring to support their further career development into higher leadership positions.

        Mentoring Program for Women (Japan)

        Female mentoring program purposes to support the female talents?individual growth and career development. Mentors are selected from internal employees with abundant knowledge and experiences and they support their mentees bring solutions to issues that affect their forming their career paths.

        Efforts made on the car production floor (Japan)

        Nissan will employ more woman in the production floor as well. As we are in an aging society with birthrate decline, the average age of the line operators will only rise: The production floor will no longer be young-male dominant but more females and older operators will join the line. Production lines should be redesigned for simpler and physically less-demanding operations. Females?requests for line designs will help us establish such worker-friendly production lines.

        Female empowerment at dealers (Japan)

        We are also putting good use of the female perspectives to improve our customer service at our dealers. For example, we are appointing more female employees to car life advisors who attend the customers looking for cars at the stands or technical advisors who inspect and mend cars. They are able to give easier explanation of cars or make proposals for effective ways of car usage that accommodates to respective customers?lifestyle. In the study sessions for female car advisors, the participants exchange ideas actively to improve their customer service quality, which is highly rated among male participants as well. Also in the newly launched ‘Nissan Lady First?projects, female staff’s ideas are reflected in the interior design of dealer stands or new sales promotion events, aiming at making our dealer stands look more friendly and easier to look in.

        Growing more science girls across the nation (Japan)

        In order to add more female employees to our workforce in R&D, internal effort doesn’t suffice, since we must have more science girls who are the future engineers nationwide. We have started visiting junior high schools and high schools and offering the girls there classes to share with them how exciting the engineer jobs can be. Also as a member of Japan Automotive Manufactures Association, we cooperate with other member firms to motivate the young girls to major in science in colleges.

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