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        Nissan Diversity

        The Decision-Making Bodies on ‘Diversity and Inclusion? Diversity Steering Committees

        ‘Global Diversity Steering Committee(Global DSC)?decides global policies and actions that promote diversity and inclusion internally. Global DCS is chaired by the CEO and consisted of the executives representing respective Divisions. Regional Diversity Steering Committees (Regional DSC) are the working bodies that are mainly responsible for driving forth actions to promote diversity and inclusion, addressing related issues unique to respective regions.

        Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Division: Diversity Development Office

        Diversity Development Office (DDO) was launched in the fall of 2004 as a function committed to lead internal diversity and inclusion. DDO has been promoting many innovative efforts company-wide, translating the diversity and inclusion standpoints into corporate measures.

        Female ratio in the management

        The female ratio in the management has been growing at Nissan: Domestically the ratio rose from 1.6% back in 2004 to 10.7%, or, 314 in number, in 2018, and globally from 6.7% in 2004 to 14%.

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