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        TOP > CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP ACTIVITIES > Mission and Objectives

        Mission and Objectives

        Nissan's Corporate Citizenship Activities

        Nissan reviewed its policies for social contribution activities in 2017, deciding to push forward with activities focused on the three areas of: zero emissions, zero fatalities and zero inequalities. In addition to zero emissions and zero fatalities, areas where any automotive manufacturer should make sincere efforts, Nissan is promoting zero inequalities (in other words, diversity) as an important corporate value with the aim of realizing a cleaner, safer and more inclusive society where everyone is given equal opportunities. The company will not only provide financial assistance for activities in these areas but also ensure that those activities are ďdistinctly Nissan,?making full use of its automotive heritage, expertise, products and facilities. Nissan emphasizes communicating and working with specialized nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations that have great expertise in their fields to ensure that its social contributions are effective. Nissanís local companies support employee involvement in social contribution activities.

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